The buyer can use the license according to the conditions named below: 


1.Personal and commercial video projects

(YouTube, Vimeo, Websites with no limits) 


(Shows & advertising with no limits) 

3.App & Game Development

(App Store / Google Play with no limits) 

4.Social Media

(Instagram, Facebook, etc. with no limits) 

5.Public places

(Restaurants, bars, salons, shops, exhibitions etc. with no limits) 

6.Presentations & Slideshows

(Online & offline with no limits) 


(with no limits) 


(with no limits) 

9.Films & Theaters 

(with no limits) 


All the audio products on no matter what category they belong to are the property of and our suppliers. While purchasing on the website you get a user license, but don’t become the right holder or the owner of the products. The license strictly forbids reselling, renting out the goods to the third parties or re-licensing them. This is the main and the only license provided for all the products presented on  
The license Non-Exclusive that means we can sell the same product as many times as we wish, even from our partners websites.   
By buying our products you automatically agree with the conditions of the license.  
In case you have questions on using our materials, contact us and we will be glad to answer to them.