Free Music Samples

All Sounds and loops on the playlist are royalty free, which means you won't have to pay extra for them in future.

Do you receive complaints about playing unlicensed tracks in gyms or cafes? Of course, the problem of finding samples for music production is one of the factors that keep entrepreneurs from creating the optimal experience for each client. The same goes for publishing videos or streaming Instagram or Facebook. Unlicensed tracks will undoubtedly be blocked on any social media.

Music & Marketing

The music playing in any business center matters. Any seasoned marketer will confirm this fact. Wherever we are, we keep ourselves with sounds. This also applies to the setting in entertainment centers, yoga rooms, coworking spaces, and other occasions. With the right audio tracks, anyone can keep positive associations with the brand. This means that our royalty-free music samples will inevitably increase your company's profits. Stay in touch with us, you will be able to use the latest bits without problems with licensing! Making people's lives easier is our key mission.

How to Use Free Music Samples?

Finding the latest music hits for sports instructors, bloggers, coaches, and other masters is no longer a challenge. Unlimited access to music is provided by our platform. We offer over 1000 tracks. Our catalog includes music for online lessons. The only rule is that each user must adhere to the copyright conditions. This means that you should not publish the packs that are received on our website. Our platform offers everything for bloggers and people who want to use licensed music for a commercial. Very often this is a real challenge. This is especially true for those who follow trends. Most such creatives try to provide the most comfortable conditions for their clients and subscribers. This also applies to everyone who would like to download free music sample tracks. All such people have to do is learn about audio and TV alternatives. This is the service that our website offers. With us, people can get a drum, or violin bit in 2-3 clicks.

Get Sample Music for Free

Almost all samples are published as WAV files, so users can import such materials into DAW. Our products are used by many studios that are involved in creating effects for hip-hop, games, and more. Since the files are free-licensing, people can use free music sample sites however they like. But, we ask that anyone not distribute guitar or drum parts in unedited form. This way, people avoid any misunderstandings with the copyright holders. This also applies to social media pages, including YouTube channels.

Our Benefits

Premium-loops is a reputable platform that thousands of people visit every day. Among our users are bloggers, sound technicians, show business stars, and other influencers. We create audio tracks for the gym, cafes, restaurants, and other establishments. Our team is working to ensure that the download of music is not time-consuming. If people prefer our resources, they can solve most licensing problems. Here’re the main benefits:

  • No blocking YouTube channels issues;
  • No problems when finding music for online lessons;
  • No problem with presentations streamed live on social media.

All the pre-mixed albums that are currently in our Music section are free to use as you see fit. Create your own royalty-free mixes with individual tracks. Most instruments are available for free. Just download royalty-free singles from our library, and you will get to improve your work environment. Thousands of professionals have chosen our platform and they are definitely not disappointed!