Background Music For Games

Here we have collected instrumental music loops for game developers.

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The Premium Loops team offers the best background music that ranges from fun and entertaining to inspiring or dramatic. In our collections, people will find a variety of moods for gaming streams and live broadcasts. Due to the fact that we record soundtracks in our own studio, professionals who prefer our resources do not overpay. We update our catalog every week, trying to satisfy the music needs of even the most meticulous visitors.


Are you looking for good music or sound effects? If so, you are on the right track. Even if people want to get soundtracks when they create presentations, they will have no reasons for disappointment. With the Premium Loops platform, developers and bloggers can download music that can be used in both commercial and non-commercial projects. It’s about social media videos, online advertising, YouTube movies, and podcasts. Most often, royalty-free music are of interest to developers who create digital products. Without our content, their games and apps won't be perfect.


If you're developing games or other digital products, before adding music, you'll need to contact the artist to get permission to use the song in your project. Due to such nuances, it is difficult for a professional to create truly original content. If people decide to download music on our website, such requirements are excluded. All bloggers need is just click on the name, listen to the soundtrack, and get the file after the payment is completed. We have 1000 songs in our library. The Premium Loops catalog is updating regularly, so there's a good chance you'll find the perfect music for your product. Here are other benefits of our platform:

  1. With the Premium Loops library, people can get royalty-free ringtones of all genres. Game development and promo creation are specific processes. The type of battle chosen will determine the role of the background music. Dynamic melody can be used to move the story forward to evoke anticipation. Such techniques are often used by top development teams. This applies not only to background melodies and various sound effects.
  2. Professionals and enthusiasts who are looking for video game music can get the file on any device. Our catalog is accessible from smartphones and tablets. The Premium Loops team does everything possible to ensure that buying music does not take more than 30 seconds. We create the user-friendly interface. Our music library is categorized to make it easy to find the right soundtrack.
  3. With our service people never overpay. If game developers want background music or sound effects, they only pay for the soundtrack they receive. A fixed price for each file allows us to offer the most favorable conditions. This is the main reason why thousands of bloggers and other professionals choose the Premium Loops music platform.


YouTube as the largest video hosting in the world offers many opportunities for bloggers, developers, and influencers. But this platform has a small library of background music. Of course, for some beginners, such materials are enough. But professionals are more meticulous because they have to create digital products on global markets. So, game developers have to look for an alternative. But, anyone who is fond of computer games can use only music under various licenses, including Creative Commons. All bloggers should consider such nuances when creating a video. Otherwise, the channel may be blocked.

With the Premium Loops library, bloggers and developers won't be disappointed. Creating a promo video for any game is a specific procedure that requires meticulousness. The same goes for developing digital products. When adding a song, be sure to check the license to prevent the channel from being blocked. But this is not the case with royalty-free game music which people can get on our website. This is because when professionals buy ringtones from the Premium Loops collections, they pay with each downloaded file and can use soundtracks in the future without constant royalties. It has never been so easy to find the right music. You can refine your search by genre or use a mobile device to access the library.