Q: Who has created premium-loops.com? 

A: The amazing resource is developed by talented producers with great experience whose works are known as creations of Premium Loops brand. 

Q: What is Royalty Free Music? 

A: Royalty Free Music is the music free of additional fees. You wont have to pay extra charges in future. You just purchase the track you need once and use it. 

Q: Im a producer recording great music. Can I sell it on your website? 

A: Unfortunately, we have no such option. We are going to launch it a bit later, but at the moment the resource is used for selling our own music only. 

Q: Where can I use your music? 

A: Everywhere where music accompaniment is needed: at restaurants, bars, cafes, in ads, videos, presentations, shows, movies. 

Q: How safe is using credit cards on your website? 

A: As safe as its possible in the modern world. You don't have to provide any details on the website. As soon as you choose certain track the system redirects you to the Paypal website, where you complete the purchase. Then you are allowed to download the track. These guys are definitely good at safety issues. 

Q: I like your music, but I need some special order. Can you help me? 

А: Of course, we can. Contact us and well be glad to discuss the details of the order. 

Q: Why do you offer lower prices than other providers of the same services on the market? 

A: We can afford it as its our own market and we don't have to share profit with other co-founders as it usually happens in most similar cases. 

Q: Can I provide the purchased track to other people or resell it? 

A: Its strictly forbidden. The track can be used by the person or the company who which has bought the license. 

Q: What rights do I get after paying for the music? 

A: We will always hold all the rights regarding the music. The only right you get is to use our music according to the license. Moreover, you have no right to claim yourself the author of the music. 

Q: What is Looped Audio (Loops)? 

A: This is an audio file cropped in a way which guarantees no gaps appear in playback in case you need to past or copy it. In terms of better usability all names of our files include the information about BPM. 

Q: Do I have to be registered on your website to pay for a license or download a track? 

A: No, you don't. We don't require the step to make the purchase more convenient for you. 

Q: How long can I use the purchased file? 

A: We set no time limits for using the files. 

Q: I have bought a track and want to exchange it for another one. Is it possible? 

A: Unfortunately, its impossible. Please, be careful when selecting a track. 

Q: I'd like to buy a few tracks. Can I get a discount? 

A: Please, check the "Collections"section. We always make up track collections according to mood and style, as well as provide 50% discount for them. 

Q: What kind of file do I get after paying for the order? 

A: In most cases you'll get WAV files, however sometimes we provide MP3 ones. Please, read the track description carefully before completing the purchase.