How to Use Copyrighted Music on YouTube Legally

Adding the melody as a background for some videos is fraught with repercussions. It’s about YouTube vloggers who publish materials without getting permission from the authors. If people don't want to violate US laws, they use licensed soundtracks. Many of them prefer the Premium Loops platform. We fully understand all the rules of YouTube copyright and are ready to help teams of creatives who publish videos for their channels. 

Vloggers have to be meticulous when putting songs on YouTube. This is because people can file an infringement claim on any YouTube video. This is fraught with blocking the channel. But such incidents don't happen when you've bought the melody. Just get YouTube copyrighted music by making a one-time payment on Premium Loops. With us, people never come across incidents that cause the video or audio to be deleted. 

How to Use Music in YouTube Videos 

By reading the "Commercial Policy" section, vloggers can clarify most of the nuances. Usually the most interesting are the restrictions. Some songs are blocked in the EU. Moreover, the copyright holder can advertise on your video. So, most people who would like to find out how to add copyrighted music to YouTube, one way or another, draw conclusions that there is no alternative to platforms like Premium Loops. The following specialists decide to download our tracks:

  • All the chefs who have popular channels on YouTube 
  • Sports instructors and yoga coaches who create promotional videos 
  • People who post guidelines for choosing home appliances 
  • Agencies that host conferences, fairs, and other events 

How to Add Melody Without Copyright 

Can I use music on YouTube? — this is the question that interests vloggers. If they check popular influencers, they can make sure that leading journalists don't overdo it. This is due to YouTube music restrictions. Although this does not mean that people cannot add purchased tunes. Just pay for each track through the Premium Loops platform. In this case, users will not have to worry about the fact that the system has blocked the channel after posting the next video on YouTube. 

What are YouTube Rules for Music 

Many entrepreneurs, including coaches and opinion leaders, need to be meticulous. For legal YouTube music, all rules are very strict. Each song, according to the royalty conditions and terms, is the property of the author. The video hosting provider keeps it legally and applies restrictions when copyright holders submit complaints. In most cases, it’s about original songs and any cover. The hosting rules state the following:

  1. Information about where people can use original melodies or covers is public. If vloggers add soundtracks, their video would be blocked. The same goes for anyone who prefers to play copyrighted music on YouTube. Users will receive a notification about that. Distribution of music is often not allowed for specific regions. Just tap on a visual in your YouTube Creative Studio to see for which countries some melodies or songs are not allowed to be published. 
  2. If you publish a video with a copyrighted song in the background, the author will receive royalties from your advertising earnings. Usually, vloggers are notified: “Probably we add ads to your video on YouTube”. This way bloggers pay for the use of melodies. If people don't like the idea of “third parties” making money for their video viewing, they can choose one of the free songs in ready-made audio collections. 

If you'd rather not show ads in YouTube videos, you can at least check ahead of time if you are at risk with a certain file. When people want to be sure that they won't have problems, they are better off using background melodies from sources like Premium Loops. Anyone can freely add our melodies with uploaded material. 

How Long Can Be Used Copyrighted Soundtracks 

In addition to attempts of publishing TV shows and films, adding background music is considered the main reason for blocking the YouTube channels. It’s unlikely that more than 100 users have watched such videos. People who want to track their products' distribution use digital tools. It's about Content ID. With such a tool, it’s possible to keep fair use of YouTube music.

The copyright holders are usually television/film studios and music publishers. Such professionals prefer that only they upload the content using ID tools. Most contributors can specify by default how YouTube should proceed if this content goes public. It’s about blocking channels or ads. This means that the video will be available for viewing for several months. By using music, YouTube charges a margin to ”third parties”. 

What Kind of Melodies Can be Used? 

Until recently, vloggers did not have the opportunity to check in advance what would happen to a particular video after adding melodies. So, most people had to settle for free and legal music from the library. But the YouTube team decided to improve their “Creative Studio”. This is about the common domain and the tracks, the use of which is permitted by the copyright holders themselves.

Vloggers no longer have to worry about YouTube policy on music since the developers have added an additional tab. People can search for royalty information about any soundtrack they want to add to the video. Just use such a visual bar to check the rights and permissions for a particular melody. In this way, most YouTube enthusiasts can know what will happen if they use a certain piece of music as a background.

Key Takeaway 

Hundreds of files are uploaded to the Internet every minute. It's about ones that are added by showbiz stars, marketers, influencers. Regardless of what purpose some authors have, it is unlikely to avoid the covering of the YouTube Copyright Act. This platform warns every user not to use any content that does not comply with the video hosting terms and conditions. If vloggers understand how to use copyrighted music on YouTube legally, they can prevent confusion.  

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